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    Empty Trash Error 50
    Hello All,

    Have been trying to empty my trash and am getting an error code -50. Have tried using terminal and entered sudo rm -rf ~/.Trash and sudo rm -rf ~/.Trash* and it will not allow me to enter my password. Thus the trash is still full

    I do believe this has something to do with Time Machine for those are the files that are in the trash and will not go away. I am using an external HD for the Time Machine files and dragged them into the trash. Using OS 10.5.8. Not sure what other information would be helpfull.

    Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    When you try to empty trash , is the hd still connected and time machine still open or not

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    I'm not sure if this is your issue but when using sudo to elevate privileges at the command line, you aren't supposed to see your password when you type it. This is a security feature. Thus, while it may appear as if you aren't typing your password, the key presses are registering.
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    I don't really have an answer for this at the moment. I can say from experience:

    1. It is generally better to let Time Machine Manage when files are deleted rather than trying to do it yourself,
    2. This problem emptying the trash may not be Time Machine related. I am experiencing the same error with files in no way connected to Time Machine on a drive that has never been used for Time machine.

    If you must delete these files you can try what I've done when this error occurs. First, eject the external drive that is reporting the error. You may have to let the Finder force eject the drive. Then remount the drive and wait for it to reappear. You should now be able to move the files to the trash and delete them.

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