Hi All
I have some documents in pages that contain a combination of text and tables. I have a problem with the formatting in so far as I can't seem to "save" changes made to the space between some paragraphs and ESPECIALLY the distance between a table that end and the start of the next paragraph of text.

In addition to the above formatting changes to the table such as increasing TAB indents within paragraphs (i.e. if I want the text to sit about 0.5cm out from the start of each cell and not have the text practically touching the lines of the table) also don't save.

So on more than 50 occasions I have gone into a document, made all of the formatting changes to make it look neat and professional. Went back and checked each page before saving and exiting only to find the next time that I open the document that I have lost at least half the formatting changes.

What am I doing wrong ?

Kind Regards