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Thread: Quicktime and MMS Protocol

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    Angry Quicktime and MMS Protocol
    Hi guys,
    Not sure where/how to begin.
    I subscribe to this international website with news/sports/movies, etc.
    When I log in, there are menus and all kinds of shows/news to watch - kind of like on-demand streaming. When I click on one the shows I want to watch it opens up QuickTime Player, in a separate window, and after about 30-45 seconds it starts to streamline the video.
    Now at first this would not work, but after installing Flip4Mac it worked fine.
    Now I've been using this service for over a year on my iMAC with Snow Leopard OS.

    Last week I upgraded my system to the latest OS X Lion.
    This is what I have now:

    iMAC 27" Intel Core i7 8GB ATI Radeon 512MB
    Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2
    Quicktime X
    Safari 5.1.1
    Perian 1.2.3

    Now to my question. Since I upgraded my OS I cannot watch any shows.
    When I select any show, the Quicktime Player fires up in a separete window and it sits and sits and sits... it looks like it is loading the actual file... and after I wait about the same amount of time it takes for the show to run, it starts playing but there is no video and no audio.

    Here is what I tried so far.
    When I select a show and open the Activity Window, I see the address that it's attempting to open as "mms://...... " and says "unsupported URL.
    If I copy this link, and replace the mms:// with http:// and paste it in my browser, the video starts playing fine inside my browser (embedded) after about 30 seconds of initial loading time. How ever this is a very inconvenient method.
    BTW the file format is WMV.

    I spent tons of time with that website's support tech's but they do not seem to be very familiar with MAC OS.

    Like I mentioned, this used to work fine before upgrading to Lion OS. I also made sure that I have the latest Perian and Flip4Mac.

    Could someone PLEASE PLEASE help!

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    This sounds like they made a change in the delivery style on their side, since Flip4Mac is obviously still working (otherwise you wouldn't be able to see the video at all). Not sure what to tell you.

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    Try a browser other than Safari.

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    VLC supports MMS streams and has a browser plugin that you can download here. Give that a try and see if you can get it to work.
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    I tried VLC Player and VLC Plugin. Neither help as VLC does not support WMV!

    This is what I gathered so far...

    According to Microsoft Download: Windows Media® Components for QuickTime - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details

    QuickTime X does not support conversion using third-party plug-ins. For Snow Leopard users, we recommend installing QuickTime 7. Please see our compatibility chart for QuickTime Player versions and optional conversion tools.

    This is also true when you chef Flip4Mac website.

    It basically means that the only way to watch embedded WMV in Safari is to use Quicktime 7 with Flip4Mac. The new Quicktime X will not support Flip4Mac, thus it will not work on embedded WMV files in Safari.

    This is why Microsoft, Flip4Mac, as well as Apple website all recommend installing Quicktime 7 in addition to the Quicktime X (Lion OS)

    My question is: does anyone know how to force Safari to launch Quicktime 7 instead Quicktime X???

    Now please don't copy what Apple website and Flip4Mac website both say, as that solution does not work! They recommend as follows:

    OS X 10.7 Lion: mms and Windows Media based web streams don't play in Lion's QuickTime X 10.1 Player.
    This is an issue in QuickTime X Player in Lion. Please download and install QuickTime 7 Player. QuickTime 7 Player gets installed in /Applications/Utilities/ and can be used in parallel to QuickTime X. Select a WMV file in the Finder and open the Get Info window to assign it to QuickTime 7 Player. Select QuickTime 7 Player in the "Open with" dialog, then click the "Change All…" button. From now on QuickTime 7 Player will open all WMV files including web streams.

    It's only partially true. All files are now associated with QuickTime 7, but Safari still fires up QuickTime X. HOW DO I CHANGE THAT IN SAFARI???

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    Give RCDefaultApp a try:
    Rubicode - RCDefaultApp
    It worked for me!

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    Thumbs up Great Solution!
    Quote Originally Posted by rwire326 View Post
    Give RCDefaultApp a try:
    Rubicode - RCDefaultApp
    It worked for me!
    I just wanted to thank you for that suggestion. The RCDefaultApp was really useful in getting this stupid MMS link issue resolved - well work-around is probably a better word, but at least it makes it work.

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