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    Copy disk image of a lion system on new mac or reinstall everything on a clean lion?
    |t's an immense help to just copy everything from one image of a mac to another new one, and I have done it routinely.

    I am about to do it on my new mac mini from my air, but I was wondering if anyone has noticed any slowing down from this. Or if some mac site has performed tests of speed and efficiency from copying an image of another mac to a new one vs. reinstalling everything clean. Maybe some files are corrupt and will cause problems? Seeing as lion is a dog (imho opinion and a lot of peoples experience and compared to sl) I wouldn't want to just carry over some rubbish from another install, but it's very convenient.

    Maybe someone can suggest that I clean up some files or logs before?

    Any views guys?

    (Oh and by the way I have to mention for some novices here that the way to do it is clone your old mac via superduper or carbon disk cloner. Then connect the cloned external disk to the mac, boot on the new mac, then set from settings to boot next time (or start up and a younger generation might know it) from said external disk, and then lastly clone said disk into the disk of the new mac with any of the said utilities, piece of cake)

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    I think if you do a transfer over from one to the other, you might have to reinstall some applications (3rd party)

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