Hi all, my problems is as follows:

Safari and Apple Mail not functioning properly Safari won't even open. The icon will bounce on my screen in the lower icon bar but will never open. I go to Force Quit and it says "not responding". Apple Mail will not connect to any of my mail servers but will open. I am connected wirelessly to the internet and can open and browse through Firefox and do anything I need to do there. I have Dropbox installed and that functions correctly.

I feel this problem is somehow associated to my University's network. All programs load and function as normal at my office and at home. However, when I reach campus and try to use Safari and/or Apple Mail they do not function; as described above. I can connect to my University's network through Firefox (username & password required through browser portal) and function there. However, once connected the Safari and Apple Mail still do not function.

In addition, only when I have been on campus and the problems describe above have happened, when I use "apple Q" to quit a program, or if go "quit <program name>" from the menu bar the program's window will close but it will be hung up and not fully quit. I must open Force Quit and quit the program that way.

It used to be when I arrived on campus a Safari window would open automatically, the University portal page would show up and ask for login and password. Everything would then function normally. It's not until last year's Fall semester did this begin to happen.

Once I leave campus and return to either work or home I must restart my computer and then everything works as normal.

Just 30 min ago I repaired all permissions using Disk Utility and I will be able to check if this works next Tuesday morning. If not, I will attempt to use AppleJack and see if that works.

I'm on a MacBook Pro running Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 (11C74). Thank you for any help you can provide.