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    Safari Status Bar
    Hey everyone. About a week ago I was on safari and the status bar at the bottom came on (I have always had it disabled). Within the last week it has come on and went off twice. I know for a fact I am not pressing command+/. I had a spyware problem on my old macbook so I am kinda worried. Is there any chance someone can be logged into my computer from somewhere else? Or can this be a virus? Thank you

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    It certainly would be a very odd function for a programmer to bother with don't you think? I sincerely doubt it has anything to do with malware - most likely either you've it it accidentally - or it's a Safari bug. Now that you mention it - I can think of a few times I've looked down and seen the path bar - and wondered if I hit the key stroke accidentally.

    There's a new version of Safari out as of yesterday-who knows - maybe that will take care of your problem.

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    Oh ok. Thank you for the help. All of my important business documents are on this computer which is why Im worried about someone having access to my computer. I will update safari and see if the problem persists.

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