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    Permission to write/save to a folder
    We recently purchased our first Mac (21.5" iMac) and transfered all of our MS Word documents from the old pc. Now when we open one of these save documents in Pages, edit the document and try to save, we get a "You don't have permission to save to this folder" message.

    We used "get info" through Finder and unlocked the folder and gave "read/write" persmission to all listed user, though we only ever set-up one use when starting the iMac for the first time. Why can't we save an edited document back to where it was originally saved? What are we doing wrong?


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    Where is this folder? Internal drive, external drive?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dysfunction View Post
    Where is this folder? Internal drive, external drive?
    The folder is on the internal hard drive. It's a folder I created in Finder within the "documents" folder.

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