Sorry this is a long one - 2 parter.
So I hooked up my new wireless router (Belkin n450 db) and it has worked great for the past month when all of a sudden my connection stopped. So I did the usual unplug and restart and whatnot but it didn't fix it. So I called Belkin and somehow it came back on (not due to the terrible tech support but rather by chance as I was shouting the letters of my first name so Akil so he could hear me in India) but for some reason now its showing both bands (2.4 and 5gHz) in my available networks and they're supposed to run simultaneously. I chose the 5gHz and it had been working ok for a couple days but I've noticed my connection is much slower.

Looking online I found articles about recent malware launches and decided to look in my activity monitor to see if unnecessary processes are running, but it won't stay still. With nothing else open it keeps flashing up and disappearing processes. One second it'll show 10, the next 30, and it is constantly changing, so even if I wanted to close a process I wouldn't be able to because it would't be selected long enough for me to hit the quit button.

This has got me more freaked out. I downloaded iantivirus and did a scan but nothing came up..... Any suggestions??