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    copy some files from CD to new CD?
    Can anyone tell me how to copy some files from a CD to a new blank CD?
    If I put the source CD in, select the files and copy them to the Burn Folder they appear as 'Alias'. If I then put the blank CD in and select Burn it fails and says it can't see the files.
    I've read about Disk Utility being able to copy a complete CD to a new CD but that is not what I want to do; I want to burn only some of the files on the source CD to the new CD.
    (iMac running Lion)

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    How you do that really depends on what the files are/format of the source CD.

    e.g. Say your band has recorded some demo tracks and burnt them to CD to play on a standard CD player/in the car etc.
    You can 'see' the tracks on the disc in Finder but if you try and drag-and-drop them from the disc you'll just get aliases.
    To get the tracks from the disc you need to 'rip' the tracks using a tool like iTunes that can decode the tracks and save them to your hard disk as .WAV or .MP3 files etc. At this point you can create a new disc with just the selected tracks you want.

    There's no saying this example is what you're trying to do but if you're just getting aliases when you drag the file from the CD it suggests some kind of protection on the disc.

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    Sorted. I imported the files (photos) to iPhoto then exported them to the burn folder and could then burn the DVD. Don't know if that was how I should have done it but it worked.

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