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    How to send an email to more than one address for the same person
    Sometimes I need to send an urgent email via Mac OS Mail to a group in my address book. As it's urgent, I want to send it to every email address each member of the group has and some of them have two or three addresses. Is there a way of doing this or, if I send an email to a group, will it always choose the default email address for each member of that group?


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    Great Question and I have also wrestled with this.

    I hope someone has an answer, but I do not think that you can do it.


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    Hello both,

    I've just been having a look at this. I tried creating a group for one contact but Mail will just default to one of the email addresses...and then I remember the little fella called Automator.

    I've just built a quick application and it took me less than a minute.

    Click on Automator, choose 'Application' and in the Action Library choose Mail.

    'Save' it as something e.g 'Emailer'

    Drag New Mail Message across to the Right Pane as described. Click on the Address Book icon and choose the contact's email addresses, for each one you will need to either select a To,CC or BCC command.

    This may take a while but once you are confident that all addresses are in there click Done.

    (You can also drag other commands into the Workflow for example 'Add attachments to Front Message")It will appear as an application in your Applications folder which you can drag to the desktop.

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