Hey guys,

I'm a new mac user. Just picked up my first MBP a couple weeks ago. I did a search, found similar issues but none quite the same. I bought a My Book for Mac, repartitianed using GUID to make a HFS+ for time machine and FAT32 to store files viewable on mac/windows. I started time machine, but it keeps hanging at about ~25GB. Sometimes it will start and then all of a sudden just go incredibly slow at that point. Started it another time and it only moved 8GB overnight. Restarted the next morning (after reformatting) and it again went to about 20GB then slowed way down. I read somewhere it could be an issue with spotlight indexing. I found out you can add MacHD to privacy, then remove to reindex. I did then, and now when it tries indexing, it gets about half way and just hangs up. The process is still going in the activity monitor but the progress bar doesn't move and it keeps adding "time remaining." Any help?