Hi all,

No iTunes U results are loading up on iTunes.

I have a Macbook 10.6.8. and currently use Chrome as my default web browser.

I have been using iTunes U on my Macbook for a year now and it worked fine until about a week ago. Normally, I would open iTunes, go into the iTunes Store search bar and search for a keyword (i.e. 'Shakespeare') and then under 'All Results' I would 'filter by media type' by clicking iTunes U. I would then only get the iTunes U results, which is what I'm after. Now, though, no iTunes U results appear, just Apps, Books and Podcasts, which I don't use. I believe this is specific to my Macbook as I can access it on other computers, so must be a network settings issue which I can't resolve.

I can browse the iTunes U section but specific requests will take hours to find. Any help would be much appreciated!