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    Help! Erased Macinstosh HD from Disk Utility
    My bf who is currently deployed in Afghanistan bought a new Macbook Pro in August while on leave. When he returned to Afghanistan he downloaded Lion from and that was when all the trouble started. Anytime he tried to do something (watch a movie,play itunes, go online) the system would continuously crash. I sent him the Installation CDs from my Macbook so that he could do a clean wipe of his HD and reinstall Snow Leopard. Problem is when he tried to boot the installation CD pressing C, a black screen with white letters would come up and nothing else would happen. He then tried to press Command R and run the installation CD from there but the same would happen. He then erased the Macintosh HD from Disk Utility by mistake and now everytime he tries to turn on his Macbook Pro a white screen pops up and nothing else happens. He saved all his files to an external before he started doing this in case this would happen. How can he retrieve his Macintosh HD in Disk Utility?

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    Quote Originally Posted by i<3mac View Post
    How can he retrieve his Macintosh HD in Disk Utility?
    Can't - he needs to reinstall - should be able to get it free from Apple app store since he already paid.

    A Macbook Pro can't boot from a Macbook's DVD - only Mac-specific support files (like .kexts) are on the gray recovery DVDs. Read here:

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    Thank you so much, that link was very helpful.

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