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    How reliable is Time Machine ?
    I'm using Time Machine on my iMac since 1 year. During this period, it happened already 3 times that Time Machine needed to recreate its backup files completely from scratch. I'm getting the message 'Time Machine completed a verification of your backups. To improve reliability, Time Machine must create a new backup for you.'

    The backup device is a Lacie 5Big Network 2.

    This doesn't only take a lot of time (several days), but of course if something would happen during that period, I'm toast...

    Is Time Machine unreliable, or is there another problem...?

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    It seems to be fairly unusual and indicative of some kind of corruption... This thread on Apple's Support Forum may help.

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    In front of MY MAC OR LINUX BOX
    Mac Pro Workstation Airport Extreme ATV 2 Ipad
    Beside that if you like to be totally in the clear make more than 1 backup on different HD .
    I myself make 3 backup as I called it grandfather , father and son .
    A old habit from the time that was still working in ICT
    The carbon cloner make it for me in the night that I do not use the MAC

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