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dazedncunfuzed 01-28-2012 10:40 PM

powerbook g4 logsin to darwin
Hey everyone ,
I have an old powerbook g4 that has just started doing something new . I was running 10.4-11. This a.m. I started it up and all was well up untill it went to darwin after the log in screen . It would not accept my password or user name . So, at this point I tried restarting a few times but could not get past darwin . I rtried booting up with the shift key and doing /sbin/fsck -fy until it said disk was ok . But it still went to darwin , so I got out my 10.2 disks qnd reset password to nothing ,tried booting again and back to darwin we went . So , then I did an archive and install and again ended up back stuck in darwin . Help me please

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