My AIM fails to become "available" every morning when I turn it on. I have to consistently remove it and add it back on every day to make it connect. What would cause this? I cannot think of any changes I have made, except that I did recently change my password on AIM. Could it be password related in some kinds of permissions thing? I'm not real savvy on how all this works in Mac, so any responses should be very specific on how I can fix this. It's very annoying. My AOL Mail is turning on most of the time, although it, too, seems to bog down and get that little "squiggly" line next to it occasionally, and my mail comes through slowly. I'll get my AOL instantly on my Blackberry, and instantly on my iPod Touch, but it's a lot slower coming through on my MacBook Pro laptop. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
(This is a one year old MacBook Pro, and I have OS X Lion on it.