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Thread: Rebooting NOT in safemode

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    Rebooting NOT in safemode
    I apologize the search algo's I don't have the fu all I can find is how to start in safemode....

    I can't get my 2010 mac book pro to not reboot in safemode the shift key doesn't seem to be stuck I've shut down and rebooted from there always safe mode any ideas?

    A little more info my electrical outlet blew last night and seems to have fried my power strip I was plugged into prior to this happening comp seems to run normally other than refusing a normal boot only safe mode...

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    It could be that the OSX install is corrupt but . . first things first.

    Try resetting the SMC
    Intel-based Macs: Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC)

    and the PRAM

    In Safe-mode have you used Disk Utility to repair your permissions and verify the disk ?

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    Problem Solved thank you

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