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Thread: MacBook Pro running terribly...

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    MacBook Pro running terribly...
    It is slow, trackpad/cursor skips all over the screen, it is freezing randomly... it is not a memory issue, as i have just moved a substantial amount of files off of the HD and even before i did so had plenty of memory to spare...

    Will not shut down manually, have to do a hard reset to be able to power off the machine.

    Have tried repairing permissions, has not seemed to help...

    Any help here? I think it may need a thourough cleaning, I consider myself good with computers but by NO means an expert lol... so if anyone has any ideas as to how i can find the problem myself it'd be much appreciated!


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    Since you neglected to give us any info about your Mac or which version of OS X it's running - try doing this:

    Boot the machine with your original install DVD and enter Disk Utility from the DVD. (top menu, Utilities, Disk Utility) Run a verify and repair on the hard drive. Let's see what it says.

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