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Thread: Lion - Wrong Time Issues

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    Question Lion - Wrong Time Issues
    Ever since I have started using my new iMac that came with Lion pre-installed, I have noticed my clock has started being four or five minutes off after several days. I have it set to 'Set Time & Date Automatically', but it still seems to run slow. When I open Date & Time, it will automatically update and jump to the right time without me having to do anything. Another co-worker, who also got a Lion installed iMac when I got mine, is having the same issue. I have even tried unchecking 'Set Time & Date Automatically' and it still starts running slow. I have Googled it, but haven't found any posts talking about this.

    Is anyone else having this problem?


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    Make sure under the Date and Time preferences (Preference Panel) that you have the "Set date and time automatically" box checked and that you've selected "Apple Americas............" from the drop down.

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    It is set to that. The time isn't off by hours, it just gets slow by a few minutes every few days.

    Thanks for the reply though!

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    Same problem, 5-8 minutes off.
    In our office, we have 3 iMacs, a MBpro, and each of us have an iPhone.

    All of our devices are set to "set the time/date automatically", and we have the correct time zone selected. Let's say it's 12 noon. Our iPhones, and the MBpro running Mavericks are correct, and say 12:00. Each of our iMacs are 5-8 minutes ahead. They are running Lion and Mountion Lion. It varies each day, but they are always incorrect.

    We've just had set the clocks the the right time and turn off the automatic updates.

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