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    Unhappy Keychain and OS X Panther
    I just installed OS X 10.3 last night, and although everything seems to work ok I ran into a couple problems. The biggest problem is with Keychain. It refuses to let me create a new keychain, and when I open a program like Mail or iChat, it won't allow me to save my password, so I have to type it in every time. All it say is "error occured", but it won't explain what error has occured. Also, I've found that when I first start up the computer Mail crashes the first time I use it. The second time it's fine, though. I think this is also related to Keychain, in that Mail tried to retrieve the password for my email account, but whatever is wrong with Keychain caused it to mess up and quit. If anyone knows what to do with this problem, I would really appreciate it if you could reply to this thread ASAP. Thanks.

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    I have been having the exact same problem, right down to launching mail twice. I also have the problem that the computer will not ask me for my user name and password when waking or when quitting the screen saver.

    I had this when I installed panther. I originally thought that this OS was quite buggy. Then I tried to create a new user, and it worked fine. So I moved to the new user and delete the old one.

    But now it is doing it again!

    The only thing that I have found online is to reinstall the OS. But I am not sure if I would need to create a new user as well, or if I could bring the old user settings into the new OS install.

    I am going to keep looking.

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    I reinstalled my OS, archiving the old OS and keeping the user folders. I had access to everything until I launched Mail. Then I could not authenticate in system preferences. I rebooted, and had access again. So, I've decided to reset all my Mail. I moved the "Mail" folder out of my Library, and deleted from my preferences.

    Now, I will wait and see if I have the problem again.

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