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Thread: Can I remotely control/disable router access

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    Can I remotely control/disable router access
    I have a teenager that will sit on the computer all day (I know, shocking); however, setting the time limits isn't always practical since she has other activities that do not always mandate a set schedule.

    I know that I can choose the limitations daily, but that requires constantly changing when she can and cannot access the internet. What I would prefer is to be able to disable access to the router and effectively shut off the internet to a particular computer. Is this possible to do? Can it be done from my laptop when I am home? Can it be done when I am at work for days off from school (e.g. home sick)

    The router that I have is the Air Port Extreme.

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    G'day and welcome to the forums.

    You are a brave fellow/lass contemplating this! Maybe a plan that provides unlimited access may be the much more diplomatic way to go. That is if I remember teenagers correctly.
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    It may not be possible, but I thought that I would put that out to the experts to see if anyone was aware of a way. Again, I can set the time limits through Parental Controls; however, they have to be routinely change based on school work, etc. This attempt was a way to make my life easier. After looking at the number who have read the post and no solutions, I assume that this is not possible. Oh well...

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    With the airport extreme, I dont think it is possible, but you can use the parental controls and setup a hole through the routers firewall so you are able to remotely control the computer, or remote control with logmein, it is free. This would allow you to override the parental controls for her. This would be an easier to setup solution and would not cost anything extra.

    You can also purchase a different router the has and ACL (access control list), then you can setup to disable the internet connect to her computer then get it setup for remote management, which would require you to some how get your Internet IP address from your house every time you wanted to change it, it could can every day or only on reset, depends on your service providers settings.

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    Thanks rustyk123. I will play around with the 'hole through the routers firewall' to see if I can access it that would be a big help!

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