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Thread: Migrate from Mac to Mac?

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    Question Migrate from Mac to Mac?
    I have an old but much loved iMac (about 4 - 5 years old but now starting to struggle) that sadly I am going to have to retire and replace with a new 27" iMac.

    I'm trying to work out the best way to migrate from the old iMac to the new. I know I can use the migration assistant but I'm not entirely sure if this is the right tool to use.

    On the iMac I have two user accounts for myself and my wife and I also have a new MBP which I bought about 6 months ago which also has two accounts for myself and my wife. When I set that Mac up I did run into a few difficulties with file permissions in that despite (and probably because) the user accounts on both Macs used the same names I found that even though a file said that I had permission to read & write on the MBP this was actually referring to the user account on the iMac. I can't quite remember what I did but the MBP works fine with local documents created in each user account but occasionally there are a few problems with permissions with shared files, either shared on the MBP or shared on the iMac.

    I'm anxious to avoid similar problems when migrating to the new iMac so should I migrate the user accounts or just set up new ones? If I set up new ones, should they be completely different names and what do I do about setting permissions on all the files I want to migrate over?

    I also want to take the opportunity to have a bit of a purge of documents as well as applications and plugins. If I use the Migration Assistant is it possible to select which programs etc is migrated or do I need to purge the old iMac before migrating it?

    Also, what happens to Time Machine Backups? If I found I needed to restore a file from a Time Machine Backup made on the old iMac would it let me do this on the new iMac?

    One final question. On the old iMac I use Outlook 2011 for e-mails but I really don't like it much and would like to migrate all my e-mails over to Mail. Is there an easy way of doing this?

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    Where are you buying the new Mac? If from an Apple Store, they will move files for you. It used to be free, but there might be a nominal charge now. I'll defer the questions you asked to others...

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