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    Unhappy Can't change other account preferences!
    I recently set up another account on my Mini for the first time (which I called "Other" - it's one of the "Other Accounts", not my admin. one), during which I set restrictions on what the user could do, etc. Now today I selected Accounts in System Preferences and tried clicking on this "Other" account in order to change some of the permissions, but it wouldn't highlight when I clicked the icon even after I unlocked the page (by clicking on the padlock and entering my admin. password). In other words, I'm totally unable as an administrator to change one of the non-admin. accounts I've set up!

    Is this a glitch or something I'm not doing right? I've done everything the Mac Help pages have suggested.

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    Hmmm ... I seem to have solved my own problem once again! I realized that while I was still logged on to my Other account, I was unable to change its preferences from my admin. account. So I logged off of Other, switched back to my admin. account, then was able to change the Other preferences no problem.

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