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Thread: NAS Drives on Startup

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    NAS Drives on Startup
    I have a NAS set up on my network. I also have these drives I want mapped every time in the login items section of the users and groups in the system preferences.

    Is there anyway to get these drivess to just show up on my desktop withouth having the actual folder open every time.

    ex. I have to close the music, documents, video folder each time I start my mac as it's starting my NAS drives.

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    The easiest way that I've found to do this is to mount the NAS volume. Then, right-click it's icon and choose "Make Alias". Take the Alias it creates and open System Preferences => Users & Groups => Select your account. Click the Login Items tab. Drag the Alias onto the Login Items list.

    This will make the Mac open the Alias each time you boot, effectively automatically mapping it for you upon login.
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