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    MacBook osx install problem
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    My hd on my MacBook died so I bought a 2.5" Sata drive to replace it. I ran osx install disc and formatted new hd in disk utility with a guid partition as requested.

    I then went back into installer and selected the newly formatted hd as the hd to install osx onto.
    The installer package continued and tried to re-read the disc but came up with an error message saying the disc was unreadable.

    I sourced a mint condition osx disc to try again with but when I booted up it came up with grey screen with a folder with a flashing question Mark on it. After a bit of research I discovered that if I held down "c" button it would try and boot straight from disc in cd drive.

    New problem occured, the cd drive which was previously working fine can't boot the osx disc.(maybe the DVD drive is on the blink) rather than replacing DVD drive I took out the formatted hd and installed it into a USB dock, the idea being that I could use different mac to install osx onto a USB hd then stick it back in mine!
    The install worked a treat and was running fine when i tested it on other mac, I then removed hd from USB dock and stuck back in mine.

    Powered up again and on boot same flashing question Mark on folder appeared again. Argh!
    When I hold down control button down on boot it comes up with a hd picture with "efi boot"

    I am now totally stuck! Any ideas mac people?

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    One of the reason is that PRAM NVRAM settings of both computers are not the same .
    One of the items store there for instance is you're startup disk .
    You can try to reset the settings and see what happens .
    You can also try to boot up holding down the option key

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    Thanks for that. I have tried that but it hasn't fixed.
    I am currently trying to install osx using a FireWire cable and using my duff mac as the slave. Reckon this could work?

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