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    Have different screens running on macbook and HDTV

    I'm trying to run Dreamweaver tutorials on my hdtv and actually use dreamweaver on my macbook.

    Is it possible to do both at the same time? Whenever I uncheck 'mirror displays' in system preferences it basically renders my hdtv screen completely useless.

    It seems like a really simple, useful feature so I'd be really surprised and disappointed if this isn't possible.

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    Once you uncheck "mirror displays," you'll need to set the resolution you want to use for the second display. Find out what your HDTV's native resolution is (probably 1280x720 or 19??x1280) and set it for the nearest resolution that matches that.

    I have a 2007 MacBook with a pretty primitive graphics chipset and I can do this with a projector (I give a lot of presentations) so I know it can be done.

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