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    Blank out screen
    Can anyone tell me how to blank out my MacBook Pro screen when using iLove Movies etc through HDMI? I managed to do it once 'accidentally' so it can be done, but can't replicate it - I think it had something to do with the order I connected HDMI cable/turned TV/Macbook on & nothing to do with adjusting any settings (or simply turning down the brightness). Lots of 'advice' on using front row etc etc - but this isn't the easiest and why go through all of the 'adjust settings' simply to watch a movie online via HDMI and only have to adjust them all back again when finished - this is 2012 not 1972. Messed about with sound settings for speakers before as no sound to TV, on 'advice', only to find all that was needed was a new 'branded' HDMI cable & discovered that Mac now automatically recognises when HDMI connected to TV so switches sound output and then reverts to internal speakers when HDMI unplugged - My faith has been restored in Apple, after all, thats why you paid twice as much for your Mac than PC so there has to be a straight forward way to blank out screen and I wouldn't be surprised if its automatic, but I just have to connect/turn on power in a particular sequence.

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    CTRL-SHIFT-EJECT will put the display to sleep. Not sure if it will affect you tv image.

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    Thanks - didn't know you could do that. It puts MacBook screen to sleep OK but unfortunately this is Mirrored on the TV as well, so back to square 1.

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