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Thread: ITunes account log in fails continuously

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    ITunes account log in fails continuously
    My Itunes store login continually fails. When I try to log in it tells me I must verify my Apple ID. I follow this route. It asks for an Apple ID. I enter my email address. It says it is sending information about resetting passwords to my email address which it does. I then reset may password (twice for confirmation). I get a confirmatory email saying the my password has been reset for the particular Apple ID. I try to log in. It says my Apple ID has not been verified. And back I go into the same endless loop!! Can anyone help please?

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    The easiest thing might be to give Apple a call?

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    This seems to be a pretty big problem right now. I have noticed several random people on Facebook complaining about the same thing.

    Not sure if I have a solution. I would try the Apple Support Community if you don't find any help here.
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    Thanks but I have phoned Apple. They say that the MacBook is out of warranty and refer me to frequently asked questions on their website! Not very helpful.

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    itunes login
    I had the same issue with iTunes. I followed this guide to iTunes Login and it helped me.

    <a href="" title="iTunes Login">

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