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    Tiger to SL confusion
    Hey Gang,

    I just recieved my Snow Leopard disk from Apple and have been viewing threads on doing the upgrade on my system. I'm now a bit confused and have some questions.

    The disk I bought is this one. It is white/gray with the snow leopard on the front:

    Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard - Apple Store (Canada)

    However, in this thread
    someone stated "Are you POSITIVE it is a black, retail disk? If it is silver or gray it will not work."

    1) Are they referring to the system specific (silver/gray) disks whereas the one I purchased from Apple WILL work?

    Second point of confusion is the type of install.

    2) Will the disk permit me to just "upgrade" my system or is my only option is to do a clean install (enter disk utility via SL disk and erase the HD)?

    3) If I have to do a clean install, do I erase the HD or reformat it?

    And yes, I have already cloned my HD onto an external drive.

    Remember, I am going straight to SL from Tiger.

    Mac Newbie Bill

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    Give it a try at a format the drive and then do a clean install.

    The very first line of the link mentions upgrading Leopard to Snow Leopard so fingers crossed. If it does not work, ring Apple to get your money back, however I think it will be fine.
    Hang on to those original install discs like grim death! Using OS X.7 or later make a bootable USB thumb drive before running Installer!

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    Although I use Lion now , my Snow Leopard disk is White or Silver White if you wish to say so .
    With the text Mac OS X Snow Leopard I buy it from the APPLE Store .
    You can do a upgrade with it or a clean install .
    Upgrading is a some what a tricky business .
    Mostly it goes well , but can goes wrong .
    But also a clean install can also goes wrong sometimes .
    If you wish to do a clean install than yes you need to format you're disk But remember it will only install on a disk formatted as MAC OS Extended (Journaled )
    Otherwise it refuse to install
    So if you have the full install disk it is up to you , to upgrade or do a clean install

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    Whew, thanks guys.

    I think a clean install would be the best way to go, I'm just a little worried about migrating all my app/data back afterwards. I'll do it on Sunday when I have the WHOLE day to work on it.

    Mac Newbie Bill

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    Whoever said the Snow Leopard disk is black was simply wrong. Previous versions (Panther, Tiger, Leopard) were black. The Snow Leopard retail disk is white.

    Sorry for any confusion this may have caused you.

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    Hey Everyone.

    So I stuck the disk in this morning. I could have gone through disk utility and deleted all the old files but I thought I would just try an upgrade first. And yes, I was able to upgrade from Tiger to SL without issue. I figured if things weren't great I could always do it over as a clean install.

    So far everything seems to be working fantastic. The apps seem much quicker.

    I will set up time machine here shortly.

    I want to thank everyone for all their help and input. I was quite apprehensive about this upgrade and your support gave me the confidence to get er done.

    Mac Newbie Bill

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