I have a MacBook but prefer to use Entourage rather than iCal. My husband bought me an HTC smart phone in May, and we quickly discovered the syncing issues but got around it by purchasing Missing Sync for android (which meant I still had to "use" iCal). It worked fine, other than all the duplications of events. I fooled around with different settings recently and then I noticed the calendar events I put in Entourage were no longer showing up on my phone. Then I took a look at iCal and noticed they weren't there either, even though I checked Entourage on the calendar list. Last night I tried various things, uninstalling and reinstalling Missing Sync and the related things on my phone. I tried importing events from Entourage to iCal but now there is NOTHING in iCal and no events on my phone. I have no idea where to start with fixing this issue. The primary reason for getting my phone was so that I stopped forgetting things on my calendar, and now there is NOTHING on my calendar. At this point, getting an iPhone to replace the HTC is not an option, but boy I wish he'd just gotten me one in the first place! Plus, not even sure if an iPhone would sync with Entourage? Anyway, I really need help to get this figured out. TIA!