I have a MacBook Pro I bought in 2009. Initially it had Leopard on it and it came with the upgrade disk for Snow Leopard. I upgraded to Snow Leopard before I used it. When Lion was available I upgraded and it has worked out fine. I have upgraded to 8 g of RAM since I purchased it also. I use Firefox for web surfing. Recently while online, I will click on a link and the spinning pinwheel will come up and the whole computer is frozen. The only way to get restarted is to push the off/on button. It also seems to be running a little slower, not painfully slow, but noticeable slower. Growl had prompted me to do an upgrade, and I had done a paid upgrade. I am not sure if that had some impact on the problem or not?

I did use my Time Machine and went back to a back up to when I was not a having this problem but that did not fix it.

Last night I thought I was doing a clean install but misunderstood. I restarted my computer and held down the option button. It reinstalled Lion, took like 3 hours. Everything is the same this am and I got the spinning pinwheel.

I really had my mind made up just to do a clean install for the new year but have not been able to figure out how to make the bootable Lion disk since I have already installed Lion. I read online to go to the App store and to the download of Lion, hold down the Option button while pushing that button but that did not work. I was going to try to get the file I needed to make the bootable disk.

I know there is a lot here, I have just tiried so much and just so frustrated. I trust everybody her so much and value your opinions.

Thank You