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Thread: Scroll bar arrows

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    Scroll bar arrows
    I know this seems trivial but where are the scrollbar arrows?

    I find it irritating and frustrating without scrollbar arrows. I use them very often in certain applications and although I have trackpad on my laptop I do not have this feature on my desktop, I have a trackball on the mouse but I want the arrows, I also have a few other cosmetic issues with lion. Apple are all about practicality so why no arrows did they forget...

    The conclusion I have come to is a theme change but I have read about instability issues concerning a theme change and so I'm unsure of going ahead with this or if I will even regain the arrows. Know of any theme change apps for lion or if this is a good idea?

    or better yet another way to regain the arrows...

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    I'd argue that scrolling on the device (mouse, trackpad etc) is far more pratical than moving off to the edge of the screen to click on scrollbar arrows but everyone is different.

    System Preferences - General - Show Scrollbars Always

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