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    Strange problem concering spaces and full screen apps
    Hey guys,

    I have 2 desktops set up using spaces on my MacBook. I basically use Desktop 1 for all of my admin stuff (word, excel, powerpoint etc). I use desktop 2 for normal use.

    When I make my browser or movie player into full screen mode from Desktop 2. It seems to automatically place them in between Desktop 1 and 2 when swiping across windows. I have to move them manually every time so that they are on the right hand side of Desktop when I swipe.

    However, even after moving them manually, every time I close a full screen app, it takes me to desktop 1, instead of desktop 2.

    My question is, is there anyway that when I launch a full screen app, I can make it open to the right hand side of the desktop? And can I make it always return to desktop 2 when closing a full screen app?

    I've included an image below to try and explain my problem.

    In this case, firefox is the full screen app. It is currently placed in the position where I want it, however, when it opens up, it places itself inbetween desktop 1 and 2. I want it to start up where it is placed now, is this possible?

    When I close firefox, it will then take me all the way back to desktop 1, instead of dropping me off at desktop 2.


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    Go to system preferences>mission control and uncheck the box which says something like "switch to last used app". I think it's the second option. (I'm actually reformatting my hd right now, else I'd tell you)

    Now, in order to have apps open in a specific desktop,it said app where you want it, then right click on the apps dock icon, then choose "options>open in>this desktop".

    That should do ya.


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    Thanks! I'll give that a go, and if there is no other post in here then you know it's worked!

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