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Thread: Disk format utility

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    Disk format utility
    I'm wondered if anyone knew of a utility I could get a hold of that would format an external hard drive for me.
    I just can't seem to get OS/Xs' Disk Utility to do it.
    I have a Western Digital 80 gig hard drive that was previously in a PC as a backup drive and has since been replaced with a larger drive.
    Anyway, I used Partition Magic on the PC to format the drive to fat32 and it works fine in an external enclosure with my Powerbook.
    But I'd like to use the drive with hfs+. I can't seem to get disk utility to do it. It just goes on forever and ever and eventually I just stop the program (maybe I'm doing it wrong).
    Any other 3rd party utilities out there that can format a drive to hfs+?

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    I'm not sure what you are doing but Disk utility is the program to do it, it depends what kind of format you are doing.

    If you set it to zero all sectors, then it will take a long time. This will be set in security options, and indeed turned off in that.

    I'm assuming it shows up on the left hand listview in Disk utility when connected?


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