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    iMac- black screen issues?!

    I purchased an iMac earlier this year after many years of using PCs and I am enjoying the new way of doing things. I am far from expert, but for my internet use, photo processing etc, the Mac is a great tool.
    My problems started a little while back (and I guess that they are software related), but occasionally whilst I am working on my Mac, the screen will simply black out. When this occurs, I am not able to do anything apart from forcing a power down and trying to re-start the machine. A call to a help line and I tried the Alt/Cmd/R/P re-set which helped in the short term but lately the problem has returned more regularly and I am lost as to where to go.
    Is this a known hardware/software problem?
    Should I be packing this machine up and carting it back to the Apple Store.
    Any suggestions or information greatly appreciated.


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    It sounds like a power memory problem. Let's try resetting the System Management Controller first. Do this:

    Power off the iMac and then remove it from the AC mains for about 5 minutes or so. Plug it back in, power up and boot. That will reset the System Management Controller. If the problem persists after doing that, make an appointment with your local Apple store genius bar and take it on in.

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    Thank you for the response. I'm just checking in quickly before I run to the office, but I will come back this evening and go through this procedure. Wiil report back.

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    I was home late last night, but I did "pull the plug" and wait for a little while before powering up and rebooting. So far, things are looking good but I will find out for sure over the weekend.
    Many thanks for your help!

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