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Thread: Question: Can you backup specific stuff on a HD and still use it as a time machine?

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    Smile Question: Can you backup specific stuff on a HD and still use it as a time machine?
    That is, I'd like to use my 2 TB HD as a time machine for my MacBook Pro, but I also have about 1tb of it spoken for with content from another hard drive. is it possible to assign this drive as a time machine and have it keep all the content that is already on it, or will setting it up as a time machine render it effective only for that purpose and clear my existing data?

    Thanks a lot for any clarification on this, I've just about transferred the 1TB. I thought this was an appropriate topic to post this Q in but I'm not here all that frequently, so my apologies if this should be in another part of the forum. thanks and happy holidays,


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    Yes you can. Setup Time Machine first, and do not mess with any of the folders it creates.

    On my external HD, I created a folder called Backup, and I put things there all the time.

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    Thread moved to more appropriate forum. Please read before posting in Rumors & Reports.
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    You should partition the drive first - to keep Time Machine from overwriting anything.

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    Sorry about the wrong forum. I already backed up my external hd and basically my whole computer on the new 2tb drive. Do I have to set up time machine first? Because if so that implies the data that's on there would not survive the time machine setup process.

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