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    Classic Environment Confusion......
    Hi I'm stumped.

    I'm trying to install Diablo II on the G5.

    I installed OS 9 from the discs that came with the iMac and read it's wise to update to 9.1 or higher.

    I then downloaded update 9.0.4 with the plan to update through the other updates to 9.2.2.

    When the download finished I double-clicked on the update OS 9 icon and I was asked where to install the update.

    The only prob is that the options were dimmed so I couldn't select where to install????

    What should I do to properly install the relevant updates and will it be the same process for all?

    Do I need to download anything else thats necessary and is it necessary to update at all???

    Also, I'm asked before the download commence that the download is something that I should consider before starting because it's an application or something??? I just click accept.

    Will Diablo II run on OS 9 as it is?

    Thanks in advance. neye:

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    Yes :flower:

    It will run on OS 8.1+.

    The changes between 9.0.4 to 9.1 to 9.2.x are minimal. 9.1 was released for compatibility with some TiBooks and 9.2.x just added some extra compatibility on some OS X Classic environments.

    I use OS 9.0.4 on my 8500 G3 333 and it is absolutely fine.


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    How do I verify the version of OS 9 I have? So don't bother downloading/installing the updates?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NanoBite
    How do I verify the version of OS 9 I have? So don't bother downloading/installing the updates?
    If it's the version that came with your iMac G5 it is 9.2.2, as such the updates 9.0 to 9.0.4; 9.0.4 to 9.1 etc don't apply. You will be able to run almost all OS 9 apps (and older) via 'Classic' as it is essentially an OS 9 machine emulator (it actually boots OS 9...) with some linkages and hooks into the OS X system so that they share the same screen and computer peripherals etc.


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    Thanks Sooooo Much! Vicky for being online just when I needed an instant answer......I'm currently installing the game and keeping my fingers crossed.

    One more question.

    To play the game do I have to switch's a bit confusing for me as I am new to this G5 stuff....?

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    No you don't need to switch, it's seemless :flower:

    Just double click the icon where Diablo was installed.

    OS 9 and OS X use the same hard disk and co-exist fairly peacefully :flower:

    No probs either, glad to help.

    Vicky :flower:

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    thanks a bunch, vicky.


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    There is an OS X installer for Diablo II. It will play in X, you dont need classic at all. Check

    You do need the original cd's for it.
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    Hehe, there's no hiding the fact that not only am I dire at games, but I rarely play them :flower:


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