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Thread: Migrating Power PC Address Book to Lion

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    Migrating Power PC Address Book to Lion
    The hard drive on my G5 Power PC died. I paid (big bucks) to have the data recovered which was sent to me on an external hard drive. When I tried to migrate the Address Book to my new OSX 10.7.2 Lion iMac, the Address Book was not transferrable. I could open the file and see pages of programming language but it could not be read. Is there a third party program/app anyone knows about that will read Power PC apps and "translate" them into a readable form for Lion? At this point I don't care if it is "migrated" into the latest Address Book or not (that would be nice) but I am desperate and would like to be able to just open it, use it, and replace the addresses manually if a I need to. Right now I need the info. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    PowerPC apps or code will not run on Lion period. The last major release of OS X that will handle PPC apps and code is Snow Leopard. And, if you have a new Mac it's been pre-installed with Lion which means you can not install Snow Leopard on it.

    As far as I know there are no third party apps that can "translate" the PPC code to all Intel code. Previous versions of OS X came with "Rosetta" but it is no longer available for Lion.

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