I'm not really a mac person, but I suggested to my mother-in-law that she get an external harddrive and run time machine on her PowerBook G4. She recently bought a MacBook Pro and the it looks like the Apple Store moved all her files successfully... but, it looks like they also put a folder on the desktop called "Hername from External Drive"... which looks like another copy of everything. Is this common?

What sucks is that now there's what looks like a copy of everything, but there's no way to be sure right?

Especially for photos... now there's a copy of every photo it looks like... and since mac tries to organize everything for you, some mac people never know where their stuff is, they just know it's in iPhoto. Then when you have to go from iPhoto 6 to iPhoto 11...

Edit: Yeah, so it appears that it's copies... same folders... but different files in some folders. Wonderful.