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    Question Installing Lion - will my e mails, photos & docs remain?
    Good morning & hope everyone had a good Christmas.

    I received Lion on a thumb drive yesterday and plan to install later today.

    I have read the Sticky on the forum about what to do before installing and will do a separate back up as well as Time Machine before I start, however I do have couple of questions

    1. Do I need to keep my back up external drive which I use for Time Machine plugged in?

    2. I use Entourage 2008 for e mail. Will my e mail's and ISP settings remain after the install, or do I have to re enter everything again and save my important e mails elsewhere?

    3. Will my photo's & documents still be there or will I have to restore them from the back up?

    Thanks in advance for any guidance, as I am a first time Mac operating system updater, having only moved away from a PC 18 months ago


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    The Lion upgrade will keep all of you user data just the way it was. However it will render all PPC apps unusable.

    Office 2008 is a universal app so it will not be affected.

    If your photos and docs are created and manipulated with PPC applications then you may need to find updated versions or Lion ready alternatives.

    iLife 09 and higher applications and Office 2008 should make the transition just fine.

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    Thank you.

    I have installed Lion & everything appears to be working well

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