I'm new to the forum and not sure how this works, but I'd like to ask a question and hope I've got the right category here.

I have a recurring problem with what I believe is a "Finder" issue. It generally happens when I'm browsing in Safari. I'll move to a new page and, without warning, I get the spinning beach ball. Once I discern it's not going to recover on its own I head to force quit Safari--only force quit does not appear when I hit the proper key combination.

I move my curser up to the Mac menu and it's got the beach ball too. Once I realize I've cannot regain control of my Mac it seems my only recourse is to reboot holding down the power button.

Does this problem sound familiar to anyone? Will programs like Disk Warrior or Tech Tool Pro bring relief?

My specs:
Snow Leopard
2.8 GHZ Intel Core Duo

I don't believe it's a RAM issue as this happens even when I have only a couple programs open and 4GB is plenty to support that. But it's recurring and driving me a bit crazy.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts you may have