Hi all,

I am recently attempting to sever my last attachments to Windows and seek advice on the best way to accomplish the following scenario. Generally, I am very happy with my Mac, I just have the daily task that takes considerable longer on a Mac than it took on Windows. It is certainly possible that it takes longer because I am not using best practices, so I am reaching out for advice.

Every day I get a bunch of emails containing zipped folders. I may get close to 50 on a Monday.
Each email corresponds to a job and the zipped folder contains a file describing the job that I need to extract to a folder on my HD.
I may get several emails a day for job, each with their own zipped file.
I am only interested in the most current file. The emails do not have consistent subjects but the files have consistent names.

My current process, in Windows, is that I sort the emails by subject, and double click on the zipped folder icon on the latest email for each subject. This opens the zipped folder in it's own window. I then drag the file I need from the folder into a folder on my local machine.
As I proceed through the emails, if I encounter an email with a different subject containing a file for a job I've already saved, when I drag the file over, Windows tells me the file already exists and lets me know which is newer and which is larger so I can decide which to keep. I always want the larger, newer file.

I have 2 main productivity killers on my Mac that are slowing me down:
1. When I double click on the zipped folder icon in my email client (Thunderbird and whatever you call the Mac client), the extracted file goes to 'downloads'. As I start accumulating extracted files, I lose track of the one I just opened, since 'downloads' shows everything you'vd extracted, not just the contents of the zipped folder you double clicked on. So, to deal with this I have to clear out 'downloads' after every email.
2. When I drag the file from 'downloads' to the destination folder, OSX tells me if a file by the same name already exists, but it doesn't tell me which is bigger or newer.
Because the of workflow I've described, I can't think of a way to use rsync that would save any time.

Thanks for reading, if you made it this far.
I look forward to continued experience on my Mac and I hope to learn better ways of doing things on this better OS.