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    Question Slow down Lion
    Dear All,
    After Installing to Lion a few months ago, have updated whenever there are any.
    There still are slowdowns on startup and shut down, and spinning beachballs on loading some apps, such as safari and itunes. There is no way of stopping it, even CMD OPTION ESC, as it would result in no response of Finder. Which means I have to forcefully shut off by pressing the Power button.
    Tried to repair permissions. Hard disk has more than 20% free space.
    Any idea what I can do?
    My last resort is to format my MBP and start over again.
    My MBP is 15", 2010 model.

    Thanks all.

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    The best way to install Lion as an upgrade is to do it clean. If you installed Lion over Snow Leopard especially with a hard drive that's 80% full, you're going to run into slowdowns. Also think about installing a larger faster hard drive.

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