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    Time Machine Access after FRESH install
    Short version.

    looking to do a fresh install on my Imac format drive etc. then access my time machine hard drive and copy back the files i want to save and put back on my imac


    i have had my Imac 27" for about a year now after along time of PC's.

    now got around to the Apple way of filing and organizing. i also have a lot of junk lying about. however don't want to have to copy everything to another hard drive then copy it back. i have a external hard drive with time machine running on it. which is kept up to date.

    if i format and install the OS on my Imac then plug in my time machine hard drive will i be able to see the files on there to copy the wanted one back into place.

    cheers for reading, i have searched but not found the answer.

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    You can. I think you need to plug in the external drive and then search to when you backed up. Im not sure what you can control.

    Carbon Copy Cloner will let you select what you want to restore and it will clone your HDD. Nice nice program

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    Yes it is possible to select the files that you want to restore. It's as basic as selecting the files and choosing restore.
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