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    Need help deleting an empty folder
    First, my apologies if you have seen this post on the Apple support site. I couldn't get much help there and I am hoping the experts here can provide the answers.

    Some time ago I created a folder to store some photographs. After completing the project, I deleted the images and the folder. At least I thought the folder was deleted. The problem I'm running into is the folder doesn't seem to want to go away. Whenever I drag it into the trash (and empty the trash), a few minutes later it pops back up on the desktop. I went into "Get Info" and noticed that the Sharing & Permissions" information listed system, staff and everyone as privileged with R/W capabilities. I am not listed as an owner, although it will let me. When the folder comes back however, I am no longer listed as an owner.

    I suspect the problem is that it is listed as a system folder, and that cannot be modified. I cannot delete the system privileges. It also lists as me having custom access although I am not listed as an owner.

    I'm thinking that I may need to go into terminal and make changes to the attributes. I am not afraid to use terminal, I'm just not experienced as to what commands and keystrokes to enter.

    As stated earlier, the folder is on my desktop and that is where it pops back each time it re-appears.

    Any suggestions as to how I can make this folder go away and never come back?

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    You can either delete it from Terminal by using the "sudo" command first and then remove the folder, or, log on as Root and delete it from Finder.

    How to enable the Root user.

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