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    10.5 download
    There are a number of sites offering 10.5 as a free download. I don't want to pay 127.00 for a nearly dead OS for an all but dead G5 motorola. This usually involves a morass of greedy come on sites to navigate thru. Does anyone have experience with one of these that delivers what the are offering? How do you get decent free torrent software for mac G5 motorola? I think it needs to be in place to download the software. Anyone need some extra Xmas money?


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    Sorry, downloading any version of OSX is illegal and against the rules here at Mac Forums to discuss.

    I do feel your pain on the high price 10.5 is going for but alas, there is no legal way except luck on Ebay to get it cheaper.

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    Chances are quite high that even if we were allowed to discuss helping you illegally pirate Apple software -- which we aren't -- that it wouldn't work anyway. Too bad you don't want to pay, I don't want to pay my utility bill but there we are. You're the one who's decided to stick with an at-least six year old machine instead of using that time to save up for something at least a bit newer, aren't you?

    Your situation is your own fault, and pirating isn't really going to help you. Man up and buy the software or get a newer Mac.

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    They be pirates aaghhh!

    Buy Leopard or just give it a miss. A pirated copy will cause you all sorts of problems.
    Hang on to those original install discs like grim death! Using OS X.7 or later make a bootable USB thumb drive before running Installer!

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