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    Need help recovering deleted contacts from my address book.
    I need help, hopefully there is a way to retrieve deleted contacts from my address book or iPhone. I'm aware of the simple solutions to restore from a backup or time machine, but honestly I have failed to do that.

    The reason that lead me to this situation is iCloud. I was seeing duplicate contacts every time I tried to add or remove a contact from a group I created. I then deleted the duplicated contacts. Later realizing more were gone, losing a considerable amount of my contacts.

    I've tried a restore on my phone but since it automatically backs up everything i sync, I'm unable to go back far enough to retrieve the lost data. Tried importing contacts from my SIM card, still no luck.

    I thought or hope that in my Trash I would be able to find those deleted contact, since I have not emptied it, no luck since i was able to locate those files.

    I've read about and attempted Stellar Phoenix, but I'm challenged in how that works and what file names I need to be look for...

    I would like to think of myself as fairly technically savvy, but it is possible the things I tried were not do right...

    I honestly can't imagine this issue is a first. I've got to believe there is a way to recover deleted contacts.

    I'm running the latest versions on my Macbook Pro and iPhone.

    I hope there is someone out there who can help...

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    Your contacts are stored in a database file. There are not individual contact files that can be deleted and sent to the trash. When you delete a contact you are simply deleting a database record.

    You are right. It is probably not the first time someone deleted contacts from iCloud or any other type of sync feature. It's also not the first time said action was done without a backup of their data.

    But I bet it will be the last time for you right?

    Did you ever sync the iPhone with iTunes? Did you ever store your contacts somewhere else?

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