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Thread: Mac eject command

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    Oct 08, 2010
    Question Mac eject command

    Iím a newbie to the Mac World. I have a Mac Book Pro running Mac OS X.

    There was an Icon on the Desktop labeled My Passport (a Western Digital external drive) which I accidentally EJECTED it.

    What did I to?

    Thank you.

    Dr. T.

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    You unmounted (disconnected) the external drive from the OS, (even though it's still physically connected). In this state, you can not read and write to it.

    If you disconnect the external drive cable and reconnect it, the drive should reappear.

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    Think of it as equivalent to the "Safely Remove..." function that you see as an option for disks in Windows.
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    Dear Jaygray and vansmith,

    Thank you for your prompt reply.

    Two other questions:

    Although I am not 100% certain, there are two icons on the Desktop that might have not been there at the beginning: a Hard Drive icon and a Work Force 610 Info Center icon.

    (1) Do they belong on the Desktop?

    (2) What is the Work Force 610 Info Center?

    Thank you.

    Dr. T.

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    The hard drive icon most definitely belongs on the desktop.

    The other I have to presume is a bit of ported-over crapware from your printer manufacturer. I can't comment on whether you need it or not as I'm unfamiliar with whatever a Work Force 610 is.

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    Oct 08, 2010

    Thank you for your reply.

    FYI, I found out that the Work Force 610 Info Center was a .pdf document about the Mac's Stacks in the Dock. I deleted it.

    Dr. T.

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