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    Keyboard mayhem!!!!
    I have a major problem with my keys, and I have no idea whats causing it. It happens completely randomly...

    When I press the delete key it turns the brightness down (and pastes 'e1qaz', and tab turns the brightness down!

    this doesn't happen all the time, but it's unbareable when it does. Also, the space bar sometimes pastes whatever is in the clip board.

    Has anyone had any similar problems?

    1qa2wsx` 1qa2wsx` 1qa2wsx`

    (i just pressed delete+tab 3 times)

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    Unhappy also...
    sorry tab ejects the CD and turns the brightness down. also the ' key is a problem. sometimes i can't type at all

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    System Pref> Keyboard mouse etc and make the keyboard (keys) tab and make uncheck anything that's checked. I have all my keys off. Sounds like you have shortcut keys on for some reason if not. Check maybe you installed something (can't think of anything off the top of my head) that would mess your keys up.

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    I have unchecked every keyboard shortcut, so I hope it's better now... I can't think of any software that could have done this and it was happening before I installed panther anyway.

    I will try installing the whole system again if it continues.
    Thanks for the help!

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