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    Question how to reinstal macbook pro without dvd os x leopard
    sorry if i got a wrong room,

    i'm new with macbook, i have macbook a1181 that already instal os winxp sp3, and i want to reinstal it to the mac os x, but i dont have the dvd, is there any clue where can i download the free one, and what version should i download? and how i reinstal it? is that the same with installing winxp?
    my macbook a1181 2006 white.

    and other question, macbook os dan winxp. are we need the driver for the macbook after we instal macbook os x? because as i know, when we instal xp os, we also need the driver for the laptop, example driver LAN, driver VGA, driver USB port, driver audio ect.

    please need your information for macbook, coz im realy blind in macbook stuff.

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    Your 2006 MacBook is almost certainly a Core Duo model. So you can either pay $130+ for a retail copy of Leopard (which you'll be really hard-pressed to find), or do the smart thing and buy a retail copy of Snow Leopard ($30) and upgrade to that. You'll probably also want to buy some or all of the iLife suite, which is available on the Mac App Store (which you'll have access to once you upgrade to 10.6.x).

    Others may chime in on whether you can leave your XP partition intact during this process, but my advice would be to wipe the entire hard drive (zero it out), then install Snow Leopard, and then SEE if you really need Windows XP. If you do, you can use the built-in Boot Camp and its instructions/help guide to reinstall XP from your retail copy. The drivers will be downloaded as needed.

    One last thing: if you haven't already, spend the very small amount of money and upgrade the RAM to at least 2GB.

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    First thing, no download legally of any version of OSX except Lion after you pay for it from the App store. We do not allow any discussions of pirated downloads of any OS here. Lion needs a Core2Duo to install.

    Chas says your machine is a 2006 and I am sure he is correct. I totally agree with him, purchase 10.6 Snow Leopard for $29 and iLife something and your Mac will be like they ship from Apple. Also agree on upgrading the RAM to the Max 2gb also.

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